Rigid Boxes (Standard)

Rigid Boxes aka Setup come in a variety of styles:  Standard 2-Piece Box; 3-piece Shoulder Box, Tray in Sleeve and Clear PVC (vinyl).  These boxes are similar to the iphone box that so many people love.  They are perfect for chocolate boxes, jewelry boxes, game boxes, puzzles boxes, stationery boxes, apparel boxes, candle boxes and many more

Rigid Boxes (Motion)

Rigid Boxes that have a lid that hinges or swings open is called a motion box.  We produce rigid boxes in a variety of these styles:  Hinged-Lid on Tray, Book Box with Magnetic Enclosure, 3-Panel Folder, and Clamshell.

Shipping Cartons & Folding Retail Packaging

Corrugated Boxes come in a variety of styles.  We can line the inside and/or outside or we can print directly on the board.  We can assist in picking the correct materials to insure your product ship safely and stylishly.


Chipboard, Foam, Plastic